The unforgettable comedy by David Tristram.

Robert Zeinfeld is found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4 a.m. There's no clue how he got there, just a bruised head and a suspicious policeman for company. But...perhaps he hasn't lost his memory at all; perhaps it's all an elaborate cover-up. The deeper the policeman digs, the more confused he gets. But the truth always comes out in the end. Or does it?


Show dates: 08/03/2023 - 11/03/2023

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
CastInspector MonroeDave Palmer
CastSamanthaSandra Marshall
CastRobert ZeinfeldGlynn Webster
CastJulia ZeinfeldRoberta Bass
Production TeamDirectorKen Edmonds
Production TeamSoundAdrian Mitchell
Production TeamLightingGraham Brown
Production TeamPromptFreda Brown
Production TeamProgrammeKen Edmonds
Production TeamPublicityAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamPropsDoreen Grant
Production TeamFront of House ManagerSally Trayhurn
Production TeamPhotographyAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamPhotographyGreg Trezise
Production TeamStage ManagerCharlie Watkins
Production TeamStage ManagerEmma Lanfranchi
Production TeamSet ConstructionCharlie Watkins
Production TeamSet ConstructionMike Scammell
Production TeamSet ConstructionAlan Smith
Production TeamPropsCarol Phillimore
Production TeamSet PaintingVicky Orman
Production TeamSet PaintingSharon Edmonds
Production TeamSet PaintingRoberta Bass
Production TeamSet PaintingPhoebe Lynch
Production TeamSet PaintingEmma Hardy
Production TeamSet PaintingJessica Hardy
Production TeamSet PaintingEmma Lanfranchi
Production TeamSet PaintingJo Scammell
Production TeamSet PaintingMike Scammell
Production TeamSet PaintingDoreen Grant
Production TeamSet PaintingNicky Hann
Production TeamSet PaintingSandra Marshall