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Wells Operatic Society
Chamberlain Street


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Committee members


Richard Wright
Vice Chairman

Richard has been a member of the society for literally decades and was Chair for a substantial period of time. He uses his legal knowledge to help the Theatre and is one of our experienced and accomplished Directors. He has also been an adjudicator for the Somerset Fellowship of Drama so knows what makes a great show. Not only that, but he has been know to try his hand at everything from Henry Higgins to a Dame!


Gerald Eyers

Gerald has served on the committee in a number of roles (including Chair) and currently runs the hirings and bookings of the theatre. An accomplished actor and director, Gerald has lots of theatre related experience in all areas, and can be found as often doing front of house, or chorus or on a production team as stepping into the spotlight. Equally at home with serious drama to comedic roles, he has taken main roles such as Feste in Twelfth Night and King Mongut in the King and I.


Pauline Perrin

Pauline is our dedicated holder of the purse-strings when she isn't gracing the stage with her presence and talents. She has the unenviable task of keeping the theatre cash-flow going and paying the bills! When not holding the cheque book, she has been known for many fine performances, from musicals to plays and panto (thigh slapping has indeed occurred on occasion!)


Ken Edmonds
Publicity Officer

Ken has had experience working for newspapers and knows how pen an article or two! (Who are we kidding, he's probably written thousands!). There is practically no area of the theatre that he has not been involved in - except perhaps costume!. He has directed plays, panto, musicals - he has even written some original musicals and plays himself! He also acts, taking on challenging dramatic and comedic roles and is very interested in stage craft. Having had to review hundreds of shows, he knows what makes a good one!


Lyn Jones
Patrons' Secretary

Lyn works very hard for the theatre as our Patrons secretary, organising the events and civic Opening nights that are the benefits of becoming a Patron at the Little Theatre.


Niamh McGrogan
Theatre Administrator

Niamh has only been with Wells Little Theatre a relatively short time, but has certainly left her mark and isn't afraid to get stuck in to all aspects of the theatre. From Shakespearean drama to panto, she'll take on any part thrown at her - even at the last minute - and is always a willing to lend a hand at set painting, open days and any odd jobs here and there. Often found propping up the bar, either serving or depleting the stocks of Peroni, she is also responsible for ensuring the society has just as much fun socially as on stage.


Graham Brown
Stage Rep

With a ridiculous amount of expertise in the realm of theatre, Graham can always be relied upon to 'illuminate' an issue. His specialty is lighting for which he has numerous accolades, but he has also been known to take on the Stage Manager or producer role or help with set construction. As such, his back stage knowledge is at expertise level and he can usually be found up a ladder, or plunging the stage into black out when you least expect it!


David Collyer

Dave is most commonly found in the Pit (Orchestra Pit that is) taking up about half of it with his drumkit and percussion. A stalwart provider of pace and rhythm to our musical numbers, he also has a wealth of knowledge that he brings to bear in his role as a committee member.


Alisa Creaser

Alisa can be found everywhere in the theatre from being a Leading Lady, to chorus, to behind the bar, running reading groups, or helping to arrange social events. We even get her to pick up a paint brush for set painting, even if she looks terrified the entire time!


Sharon Edmonds

Sharon has been in many shows as a Principal - from the Principal Boy in Panto, to Gloria in Return to the Forbidden planet and she always does a memorable and often hilarious performance. She also helps out in other areas and has started trying out the directors role with panto.


Mike Scammell

Mike is a stalwart of the backstage crew and proud of it, as well as being one of those that sees to the upkeep and re-stocking of the bar (which arguably makes him one of the most important people in the theatre!) Mike has a lot of experience of being involved with charities and committees, and can bring this knowledge to the theatre. You can generally find Mike with a cup of coffee in his hand staring at a rostrum thoughtfully.


Rob Trayhurn

Rob has recently retired to Wells after several years working in the Middle East. A passionate amdrammer for many years, he is an experienced actor and director in both drama and musical comedy. Theatrical credits amount to a diverse portfolio ranging from directing shows such as My Fair Lady, Relatively Speaking and Habeas Corpus to acting roles including Salieri in Amadeus, Doolittle in My Fair Lady and Crocker-Harris in The Browning Version. Regrettably for all concerned, few in Abu Dhabi will be able to forget Rob as Professor Hairball, a large rabbit, in a white onesie in the 2013 pantomime at The Club. Rob is very much looking forward to contributing to the continuing success of Wells Little Theatre.