Wells Operatic Society Disciplinary Procedure


a)      Wells Operatic Society shall operate a Disciplinary Policy if the need arises.

b)      Our “Code of Conduct” statement shall operate throughout the society.

c)       These rules shall apply to all members of Wells Operatic Society and any functions organised by the society.


a)      The society committee is the authoritative body in respect of discipline and shall take whatever measures are required to maintain an acceptable standard of behaviour and impose appropriate penalties.

b)      A Disciplinary Committee shall be appointed by the society committee and will deal promptly with any complaint or incident.


a)      All members are bound by the society’s Disciplinary Rules and shall conduct themselves accordingly.

b)      Unsatisfactory conduct is laid out in our code of conduct, these are guidelines and the society will not be limited by them.


a)      The society has the overall responsibility for the behaviour of its members and maintaining discipline.

b) All new members of the society will be informed of the code of conduct and will be expected to abide by it.


In the event of an incident occurring, Wells Operatic Society will instigate an investigation and take appropriate action against offenders, irrespective of who the incident has been reported by. Any member of Wells Operatic Society should forward any complaint against a fellow theatre member, volunteer or spectator to a committee member as soon as possible.


a) Outstanding Disciplinary Action

  1. No member who is currently suspended or involved in uncompleted disciplinary action may enter the theatre premises, participate in shows, or join social events at Wells Little Theatre.
  2. Wells Operatic Society may suspend/refuse membership to someone until the society is satisfied that the player’s disciplinary status is acceptable.


a)      Any complaint about incidents of misconduct or improper behaviour must be notified in writing to a committee member no later than 14 days following the incident. Any complaints reported outside this time will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the committee. The complaint should be supported with evidence, such as written statements from witnesses and other documents.

b)      Upon receipt of such a complaint, the committee member shall give notice to the Respondent including a copy of the evidence.


Depending on the circumstances a Disciplinary Hearing may be required.  If so the society shall convene a Disciplinary Hearing within 14 days of receipt of the complaint and shall notify the Complainant and the Respondent of the date.

It is the responsibility of the Complainant and the Respondent to present evidence, including arranging the input from witnesses at the Disciplinary Hearing. The Disciplinary Committee can decide to proceed with the matter in the event of the non-attendance of a member unless a valid reason is given.


a)      The hearing is not a Court of Law but an enquiry into the circumstances giving rise to the complaint. The Disciplinary Committee shall comprise of not less than three members of the society’s committee. The chair of the Disciplinary Committee shall appoint one of the members to make a written note of the Disciplinary Hearing. The decision, penalty and other matters arising for determination at the Disciplinary Hearing shall be on the basis of a simple majority vote. In the event of a split decision, the chair shall have the casting vote.

b)      No person who is connected in any way with the complaint shall be involved in convening or officiating at the Disciplinary Hearing or any Appeal.

c)       The decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be given at the meeting, will be confirmed in writing as soon as possible thereafter by the Secretary and will be put into effect at the date thereof, subject to any possible appeal. In the event of an appeal being lodged, the penalty shall be suspended until determination. No further discussion or submissions will be taken at the meeting.

d)      The chair of the Disciplinary Committee shall determine the conduct of the hearing which shall be in accordance with the procedures laid down hereafter.


The Disciplinary Committee shall impose such penalties as they consider appropriate. The Disciplinary Committee has the power to:

  • Recommend the society should dismiss the member.
  • Suspend the member for a number of shows depending on the seriousness of the incident.
  • Give the member a written warning about their future conduct.

The Disciplinary Committee can reserve the right to take into account the conduct of a member during previous shows.


a)      The Complainant and the Respondent may appeal the decision of the Disciplinary Committee providing new evidence is forthcoming. The Secretary must receive new evidence in writing to enable the Disciplinary Committee to decide if an appeal is warranted. If not warranted, the previous decision is final. If warranted, the Secretary should set a date for an appeal as soon as possible. An appeal against the decision of the Disciplinary Committee shall be given in writing, setting out the reasons thereof, and must be received by the Secretary no later than 14 days from the date of the decision to be appealed against. The Disciplinary Appeal Committee shall have the power to accept an appeal out of time only in exceptional circumstances.

b)      Upon receipt of an Appeal, the Secretary shall convene a meeting of the Disciplinary Appeal Committee and give no less than seven days’ notice to the complainant and the Respondent.

c)       The Appeal is also not a Court of Law. The Disciplinary Appeal Committee shall comprise of not less than five members of the committee, excluding any who comprised the Disciplinary Committee whose decision is under appeal. In the event that there are insufficient qualified persons to sit on the Disciplinary Appeal Committee, the society may appoint other members of the society to sit. The Disciplinary Appeal Committee shall nominate one of its members as chair. The chair shall appoint one of the members to make a written note of the appeal hearing.

d)      The Disciplinary Appeal Committee shall have the power to uphold or vary the decision and to uphold, increase or decrease the penalties (if any) imposed or to order a fresh hearing.

e)      The decision of the Disciplinary Appeal Committee shall be final and binding on all parties and shall be confirmed in writing by the Secretary as soon as possible thereafter.

f)       The chair shall determine the conduct of the appeal which shall be in accordance with the procedures laid down hereafter.


All information relating to Disciplinary matters will be retained by the society and be available to committee members unless they are involved in the disciplinary hearing.