Red Stories

The ancient craft of storytelling is brought to life by award winning storyteller Sarah Mooney and incredible musician Jerome O'Connell. They will be telling The Handless Maiden and Skeleton Woman. These stories are deeply relevant to now as we reclaim our wild feminine power and bring the world into balance. “ I did not know the art of storytelling was so completely alive in this land. I feel moved, gladdened, more complete” Rob Pozier. Jerome, widely known as Jrokka composes music with Cello, an incredible singing voice and computer software. Jerome brings a profound and epic sound experience to Sarah's storytelling.

Red Stories at 7.30pm on Saturday June 10th in the Theatre bar (unreserved seating)

Tickets: £6 Full and £8 Adult

This is a Red Stories Production supported by 'Owbeon

Show dates: 10/06/2017 - 10/06/2017

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