Little Lights Up 2

An evening of Music and Drama Following the success of LLU1 in 2005 we present to you a wide collection of theatrical fun and enterainment. Come and fly with us and avoid the strikes and volcanic ash!

Show dates: 08/09/2010 - 11/09/2010


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
CrewAssistant Stage ManagerCharlie Watkins
CrewDeputy Stage ManagerCatherine Tucker
CrewLightingAdam Killey
CrewPromptMary Hayter
CrewPropertiesLesley Ricketts
CrewSoundPete Ross
CrewStage HandMark Wall
CrewStage HandAshley Watson
CrewStage HandGraham Brown
CrewStage HandAngelo Giannetti
CrewStage Handnorman
Junior PassengersEleanor Allen
Junior PassengersLewis Collins
Junior PassengersAmy Higgins
Junior PassengersPhoebe James
Junior PassengersEmily Turner
Junior PassengersGeorgia Wall
Junior PassengersSam Willetts
Junior PassengersFlight 1Mason Brook
Junior PassengersFlight 1Phoebe Carroll
Junior PassengersFlight 1Charlotte Clissold
Junior PassengersFlight 1Georgina Clissold
Junior PassengersFlight 1Chloe D'Ovidio
Junior PassengersFlight 1Chloe Grant
Junior PassengersFlight 1Megan Hamilton
Junior PassengersFlight 1Jessica Hughes
Junior PassengersFlight 1Emily Mahoney
Junior PassengersFlight 1Oliver Mahoney
Junior PassengersFlight 1Jessica Michelmore
Junior PassengersFlight 1Deanna Symes
Junior PassengersFlight 1Alexei Turner
Junior PassengersFlight 1Chayse White
Junior PassengersFlight 1Ellie Witor
Junior PassengersFlight 1Madeleine Witor
Junior PassengersFlight 2Jemima Beauchamp
Junior PassengersFlight 2Bertie Handley
Junior PassengersFlight 2Mia Hann
Junior PassengersFlight 2Lucy Hobman
Junior PassengersFlight 2Olivia Kerton
Junior PassengersFlight 2Sophie Kerton
Junior PassengersFlight 2Ben Lynch
Junior PassengersFlight 2Phoebe Lynch
Junior PassengersFlight 2Libby Mewes
Junior PassengersFlight 2Bethany Milligan
Junior PassengersFlight 2Rhianna Milligan
Junior PassengersFlight 2Lucy Russell
Junior PassengersFlight 2Isabel Shellard
Junior PassengersFlight 2Polly Shellard
Junior PassengersFlight 2Chloe Talbot-Swain
Junior PassengersFlight 2Ben Wall
Junior PassengersFlight 2Toby Wall
MusiciansArrangementsNick Barlow
MusiciansArrangementsTeresa Barlow
MusiciansBass GuitarTony Scragg
MusiciansDrumsDavid Collyer
MusiciansKeyboard/GuitarsSheila Ross
MusiciansKeyboard/Saxophone/ClarinetRussel Collins
MusiciansKeyboard/TrumpetNick Barlow
MusiciansRehearsal AssistantKate Lynch
MusiciansRehearsal AssistantElspeth Salmon
Passengers Anne Beechey
Passengers David Papworth
Passengers Benny Williams
Passengers Bob Collins
Passengers Catriona Eagle
Passengers Chris Briton
Passengers Chris Spray
Passengers Elaine Watson
Passengers Eleanor Allen
Passengers Ella Upham
Passengers Elspeth Salmon
Passengers Frank Bonetti
Passengers Frank Edgeller
Passengers Georgia Wall
Passengers Gerald Eyers
Passengers Gill Kerton
Passengers Helen Makin
Passengers Jade Hailes
Passengers Janet Rees
Passengers Jeanne Clogg
Passengers Jenny Hailes
Passengers Jonathan Sansam
Passengers Kate Lynch
Passengers Katy Biggs O'Callaghan
Passengers Kim Fisher
Passengers Lucy Payne
Passengers Mark Wall
Passengers Mat Salmon
Passengers Mel Mahoney
Passengers Nathan Salmon
Passengers Nick Barlow
Passengers Nick Furze
Passengers Nicky Hann
Passengers Paul Willetts
Passengers Pauline Perrin
Passengers Penny Bonetti
Passengers Phoebe James
Passengers Richard Wright
Passengers norman
Passengers Sam Willetts
Passengers Sandra Marshall
Passengers Sarah Stott
Passengers Sharon Upham
Passengers Sharon Edmonds
Passengers Steve Watson
Passengers Vicky Orman
Production TeamChildren's DirectorSarah Neale
Production TeamChoreography AdultsTina Eyers
Production TeamChoreography ChildrenSarah Neale
Production TeamChoreography Dance CaptainSandra Marshall
Production TeamChoreography Dance CaptainElla Upham
Production TeamChoreography Sparking Diamonds + If My FriendKim Fisher
Production TeamChoreography TapJudi Neale
Production TeamMusical DirectorTina Eyers
Production TeamMusical DirectorNick Barlow
Production TeamProducerGerald Eyers
Production TeamSketch DirectorDoreen Grant
Production TeamStage ManagerChris Spray
Production TeamStage ManagerChris Spray
PublicityKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
PublicityEmma Dance
PublicityPhotographyChris Spray
PublicityPhotographyArik Casey
PublicityProgrammeVicky Orman
SetConstructionChris Spray
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionGraham Brown
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
SetDesignGerald Eyers
SetDesignChris Spray
SetPaintingChris Spray
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingJean Reeson
SetPaintingVicky Orman
WardrobeCostumesSue Jones
WardrobeCostumesKate Hathway
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin