Jack and the Beanstalk

A traditional family pantomime full of fun, silliness and lots of laughs! A re-telling of the classic Fairy Tale as you’ve never seen it before packed full of magic and mayhem. The fairy tale land of Eternia has had all their food and money taken by the giants of Cloudland (or so they think!) and only one plucky young hero can stop them….

Aided and abetted by his imaginary friend Zebeedee, Jack has to find a way to save the Kingdom and rescue Princess Jill without having to sell Cowaline. You can guess how successful Jack is in that endeavour.

Fun for children of all ages,  this is another pantomime written especially for Wells Little Theatre by Vicky Orman. Tickets always sell fast so be ready!

Show dates: 10/12/2016 - 17/12/2016

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Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorSharon Edmonds
Production TeamProducerVicky Orman
Production TeamMuscial DirectorSheila Ross
Production TeamChoreographyJulie Webster
Production TeamStage ManagerCharlie Watkins
AuthorVicky Orman
CrewLightingGraham Brown
PrincipalsJackAlisa Creaser
ChorusGarry Marke
ChorusJanice Holwill
ChorusLiz Carey
ChorusJo Scammell
ChorusKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
ChorusChantelle Mitchell
PrincipalsPrincess JillNiamh McGrogan
ChorusVicky Orman
PrincipalsSpurge the ScourgeSandra Marshall
PrincipalsCowalinePhoebe Lynch
PrincipalsCowalineJenny Hailes
PrincipalsKnotweedKate Lynch
PrincipalsZebeedeeNick Barlow
PrincipalsFairy HollyEmma James
ChorusJenny Carey
ChorusStacey English
PrincipalsRagwortNatalie Hope
PrincipalsDame Dottie TrottGerald Eyers
Children's ChorusHarp GroupMolly Weeks
Children's ChorusHarp GroupErin Webster
Children's ChorusHarp GroupThomas Walsh
Children's ChorusHarp GroupRebecca Knott
Children's ChorusHarp GroupIris Marshall-Smith
Children's ChorusHarp GroupFreya Healy
Children's ChorusHarp GroupJack McGrogan
Children's ChorusHens GroupLucy Davis
Children's ChorusHens GroupAlex Kawadias
Children's ChorusHens GroupEdmund Boulton-Roberts
Children's ChorusHens GroupCharlotte Carey
Children's ChorusHens GroupWilliam Creaser
Children's ChorusHens GroupAimee Wilson
Children's ChorusHens GroupSophie Wilson
Children's ChorusHens Group HenChloe Creaser
Children's ChorusHarp Group HenOrla Marshall-Smith
ChorusCharlotte Munckton
ChorusEllie Shaw
ChorusAlice Coton
PrincipalsKing AlfredPaul Mason
WardrobeWardrobe MistressRoberta Bass
Production TeamLightingGraham Brown
Production TeamPromptFreda Brown
Production TeamSoundAdrian Mitchell
MusiciansGuitarAlan Hooley
CrewConstructionAngelo Giannetti
CrewConstructionChris Spray
CrewConstructionJulie Spray
CrewConstructionFrank Bonetti
CrewConstructionAnnette Papworth
CrewConstructionMike Scammell
CrewConstructionRoger Reeson
CrewConstructionSarah Galton
CrewConstructionChris Borrison
WardrobeCostumeJane Ayton
WardrobeCostumeTina Eyers
WardrobeCostumeGeorgina Cleverley
WardrobeCostumeJulia Gear-Evans
MusiciansDrums and PercussionDavid Collyer
Production TeamPropsSusan King