George and the Dragon

Shhh... a dragon is coming to panto...
Matthey Maisey has written his own script for this year's family pantomime. A rip-roaring laugh a minute adventure involving knights, a beautiful Princess, a dastardly villain and his pet dragon and all the usual panto fun!

Show dates: 12/12/2015 - 19/12/2015


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
AuthorMatthew Maisey
CastAdult ChorusJanice Holwill
CastAdult ChorusKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
CastAdult ChorusJamie Symes
CastAdult ChorusLiz Carey
CastAdult ChorusMary Hayter
CastAdult ChorusGarry Marke
CastAdult ChorusPat Watkins
CastAdult ChorusNatalie Hope
CastAdult ChorusStacey English
CastAdult ChorusKatie Branch
CastAdult ChorusGina Symes
CastTeam 1 Intermediate CompanyFreya Healy
CastTeam 1 Intermediate CompanyAmy Cleverley
CastTeam 1 Intermediate CompanyRyan Cooper
CastTeam 1 Intermediate CompanyVictoria Alexander
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyThomas Walsh
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyLola Edwards
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyBryony Medwell
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyTilly Davis
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyCarter Edmonds
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyLottie Davis
CastTeam 1 Junior CompanyEvie Davis
CastTeam 2 Intermediate CompanyAmy Heath
CastTeam 2 Intermediate CompanyEleanor Shaw
CastTeam 2 Intermediate CompanyJenny Carey
CastTeam 2 Intermediate CompanyAimee Wilson
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyAmelia Shaw
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyEdmund Boulton-Roberts
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyMartha Gilby
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanySophie Wilson
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyCharlotte Carey
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyChloe Creaser
CastTeam 2 Junior CompanyIris Marshall-Smith
CostumeCo-ordinatorGeorgina Cleverley
CostumeCoordinator and designVicky Orman
CostumeWardrobeJo Scammell
CrewBackstage crewTerence Ricketts
CrewBackstage crewJulie Spray
CrewBackstage CrewChris Spray
CrewBackstage CrewRoger Reeson
CrewBackstage CrewFrank Bonetti
CrewBackstage CrewMike Scammell
CrewBackstage CrewAngelo Giannetti
CrewLightingGraham Brown
CrewPromptFreda Brown
CrewPropsNick Barlow
CrewPropsLesley Ricketts
CrewPropsVicky Orman
CrewPropsJo Scammell
CrewPropsJill Stone
CrewSet ConstructionChris Spray
CrewSet ConstructionRoger Reeson
CrewSet ConstructionFrank Bonetti
CrewSet ConstructionMike Scammell
CrewSet ConstructionJulie Spray
CrewSet ConstructionAngelo Giannetti
CrewSet ConstructionJames Wiltshire
CrewSet ConstructionCharlie Watkins
CrewSoundPete Ross
Principal CastCrannySharon Edmonds
Principal CastDame Dot DumplingChris Briton
Principal CastDonaldMatthew Maisey
Principal CastEsmeMartha Hale
Principal CastGeorgeChloe Waters
Principal CastHeraldMolly Lythaby
Principal CastKing ArchibaldLen Sweales
Principal CastNookKate Lynch
Principal CastPrince John-JohnMark Wall
Principal CastPrincess RosePhoebe Lynch
Principal CastQueen MirabelleTess Banham
Principal CastSir GriswaldJamie Symes
Production TeamChoreographerSarah Neale
Production TeamDirectorMatthew Maisey
Production TeamMusical DirectorSheila Ross
Production TeamPhotographyAdam Lanfranchi
Production TeamProducerVicky Orman
Production TeamStage ManagerCharlie Watkins