‘Make sense who may, for make sense we must...’

‘Endgame’ was Samuel Beckett's first full-length play, after his famous ‘Waiting for Godot’. The many themes present in the play revolve around a central one: how we cope with ‘being in time’. The four characters hang in an enclosed ‘space-time present reality’, trapped between a ‘future’ that never comes and a ‘past’ that never happened. They invent stories about the past in order to add a sense of direction to their existence, to engage the ‘process of being’, which would potentially lead to a future and ‘a departure’ from life – an end.

Show dates: 26/07/2013 - 27/07/2013

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
CastClovMaria E Olteanu-Furze
CastHammJohn Little
CastNaggMichael Smith
CastNellCatriona Eagle
CrewLightingGraham Brown
CrewPropertiesCatherine Tucker
Production TeamDirectorMaria E Olteanu-Furze
Production TeamProducerDoreen Grant
Production TeamStage ManagerCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionJames Furze
SetConstructionMichael Smith
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingCatriona Eagle
SetPaintingJames Furze
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
WardrobeCostumesMaria E Olteanu-Furze