Dick Whittington

and his cat... This year's adventure includes all the traditional fun of Pantoland, plus a rather clever cat, a thigh-slapping Mayor and a moment of magic in Morocco.

Show dates: 11/12/2010 - 18/12/2010


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Adult ChorusCaroline Bagias
Adult ChorusKatie Branch
Adult ChorusSam Willetts
Adult ChorusCheryl Noble
Adult ChorusJeanne Clogg
Adult ChorusVicky Orman
Adult ChorusSarah Briton
Adult ChorusMary Hayter
Adult ChorusStacey English
Adult ChorusClaire Hak
Adult ChorusJo Scammell
Adult ChorusSarah Kendall
Adult ChorusMark Hutchinson
Adult ChorusLen Sweales
Adult ChorusPaul Willetts
Adult ChorusMichelle Lucas
CastAlderman FitzwarrenGordon Scott
CastAlice FitzwarrenStacey Dorling
CastDickLeanne Franklin
CastFairy Bow bellsLucy Payne
CastFairy Ding DongKim Fisher
CastIdle JackTristan Hann
CastItchyEmma James
CastKing RatMark Wall
CastMagicianSteve Watson
CastSarah the CookChris Briton
CastScratchyKen Edmonds
CastThe Sultan of MoroccoPaul Willetts
CastTommy the CatAshley Watson
CastTown CrierLen Sweales
CrewLightingGraham Brown
CrewLightingMr & Mrs S Siggs
CrewLightingVicky Orman
CrewPromptJanet Rees
CrewPropertiesPat Watkins
CrewPropertiesCatherine Tucker
CrewPropertiesVicky Orman
CrewPropertiesPat Watkins
CrewPropertiesCatherine Tucker
CrewPropertiesVicky Orman
CrewPropertiesLesley Ricketts
CrewSoundPete Ross
CrewStage HandMatt Hellard
CrewStage HandJames Wiltshire
CrewStage HandTony Hathway
CrewStage HandAngelo Giannetti
Junior ChorusTeam 1Deanna Symes
Junior ChorusTeam 1Gina Symes
Junior ChorusTeam 1Jessica Hughes
Junior ChorusTeam 1Phoebe Carroll
Junior ChorusTeam 1Isabel Shellard
Junior ChorusTeam 1Emily Mahoney
Junior ChorusTeam 1Chloe Talbot-Swain
Junior ChorusTeam 1Alexei Turner
Junior ChorusTeam 2Mia Hann
Junior ChorusTeam 2Chloe D'Ovidio
Junior ChorusTeam 2Rhianna Milligan
Junior ChorusTeam 2Olivia Kerton
Junior ChorusTeam 2Lucy Russell
Junior ChorusTeam 2Sophie Peters
Junior ChorusTeam 2Bethany Milligan
Junior ChorusTeam 2Megan Hamilton
MusiciansBassTony Scragg
MusiciansDrumsDavid Collyer
MusiciansKeyboardNick Barlow
MusiciansKeyboardSheila Ross
OffstageBar Co-ordinatorChris Spray
OffstageBox Office Co-ordinatorNorman Cowell
OffstageChild Protection OfficerDoreen Grant
OffstageFirst Aid Co-ordinatorChris Spray
OffstageFront of House Co-ordinatorMarcel Wills
OffstageFront of House Co-ordinatorJackie Young
Principal DancersElaine Watson
Principal DancersEleanor Allen
Principal DancersMel Mahoney
Principal DancersLisa Willetts
Principal DancersLaury Dorling
Principal DancersSarah Stott
Principal DancersJo Johnson-Taylor
Principal DancersPauline Perrin
Production TeamAuthorKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
Production TeamAuthorMark O'Callaghan
Production TeamAuthorVicky Orman
Production TeamChoreography Adult ChorusElla Upham
Production TeamChoreography Junior ChorusSarah Neale
Production TeamDirectorRichard Wright
Production TeamLighting DesignGraham Brown
Production TeamMusical DirectorNick Barlow
Production TeamProducerVicky Orman
Production TeamProducerGill Kerton
Production TeamStage ManagerCharlie Watkins
PublicityCo-ordinatorEmma Dance
PublicityPhotographyArik Casey
PublicityPostersKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
PublicityProgrammeSarah Kendall
PublicityProgrammeVicky Orman
SetConstructionCharlie Watkins
SetConstructionMick Quirk
SetConstructionTony Hathway
SetConstructionRoger Reeson
SetConstructionJames Wiltshire
SetConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetConstructionGraham Brown
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingVicky Orman
SetPaintingCatherine Tucker
SetPaintingMichelle Lucas
SetPaintingMel Mahoney
SetPaintingEmily Mahoney
SetPaintingElaine Watson
SetPaintingSarah Briton
SetPaintingSarah Stott
SetPaintingJeanne Clogg
SetPaintingLesley Ricketts
SetPaintingTerence Ricketts
SetPaintingCatriona Eagle
SetPaintingJean Reeson
SetPaintingAlice Frayne
SetPaintingDavid Papworth
SetPaintingKaty Biggs O'Callaghan
SetPaintingMark O'Callaghan
Teen ChorusTeam 1Oliver Mahoney
Teen ChorusTeam 1Mason Brook
Teen ChorusTeam 1Bertie Handley
Teen ChorusTeam 1Libby Mewes
Teen ChorusTeam 1Chloe Grant
Teen ChorusTeam 1Emily Turner
Teen ChorusTeam 2Toby Wall
Teen ChorusTeam 2Ben Wall
Teen ChorusTeam 2Harry Peters
Teen ChorusTeam 2Lucy Hobman
Teen ChorusTeam 2Sophie Kerton
WardrobeCostumesSarah Briton
WardrobeCostumesKate Hathway
WardrobeCostumesSue Scott
WardrobeCostumesCherry Payne
WardrobeCostumesAileen Thomasson
WardrobeCostumesJo Turner
WardrobeCostumesJulie Wright
WardrobeCostumesAnita Beesley
WardrobeCostumesMelanie Goody
WardrobeCostumesGwen Mackenzie
WardrobeCostumesRosemary Swailes
WardrobeCostumesJanet Weare
WardrobeCostumesSharon Young
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
WardrobeMake UpJulie Makin
WardrobeMake Up (Cat)Elaine Watson