Cinderella introduction evening

General information
We really want people to come and have fun doing panto! We want it to be as accessible as possible, as well as wanting to put on the best show for our audience that we can. So we want everyone involved to be really committed to making it the best it can possibly be. Wells Panto cast and crew work incredibly hard behind the scenes and rehearsals move at such a pace that if you miss even one or two, catching up is difficult. If you think you have commitments that might mean missing multiple rehearsals please really think about whether you can do the show and if you know you have something's booked we will ask you to declare this upfront, especially if you are auditioning for a part as it might affect our decisions. Of course people get sick and there are unavoidable emergencies and what we ask here is you message the director and tell him because he might have to switch everything around depending on the rehearsal plan. This applies to everyone – even chorus in our pantos have possibly more to do than a lot of the Principals, so every member counts.
If you want to be involved but can’t give the time the rehearsals ask for, we are always in need of people to do the crucial backstage or front of housework of a show.
When are the Show dates?
Saturday 11th December Matinée 2.30pm
Sunday 12th December Matinée 2.30pm
Tuesday 14th December Evening 7.30pm
Wednesday 15th December Evening 7.30pm
Thursday 16th December Evening 7.30pm
Friday 17th December Evening 7.30pm
Saturday 18th December Matinée 2.30pm
Saturday 18th December Matinée 7.30pm
What about Covid?
As you know, the guidelines change on a weekly basis when changes are being made, so the only thing we can say definitely is that we will abide with government guidance. We will ask people to follow government advice and make recommendations such as seeing if they can time a lateral flow test before rehearsals if that is possible, but we are not making any special requirements. It seems that government information indicates that people should be double vaccinated to take part in a show. If this is the only way we can do the show, then this is what we will have to do!
As the guidance does not require a mask indoors, we will not be enforcing it, but if you feel more comfortable wearing a mask in rehearsals then feel free to do so. What will not happen is the production team ordering everyone to wear masks unless it is in the guidance. Not everyone will feel comfortable with that as everyone has different pressures in their lives to manage, so we thought people needed to be aware of it before they commit to the show. We strongly encourage everyone to be aware of their health needs and comfort levels, and we will be frequently reminding cast and crew to be responsible and considerate. If there is a COVID rule in place at the time of rehearsals set by the government and a show member deliberately does not comply, they will be spoken to and given a chance to rectify it, but if it happens repeatedly despite that intervention, they will be unable to participate in the show or rehearsals.
We will most likely have to do a rehearsal register where you sign in, so we can let you know if something does happen, and we will need you to just sign in if you are part of the show in any way.
What times are rehearsals for adults?
Wednesdays and Fridays evenings to start at 7.30pm-10pm, and we will be starting dead on 7.30. By all means come a bit earlier if you want to chat. Also, we will be trying to have a set break time in the middle, so people can talk as we’ve all missed our theatre buddies! You may not be needed for all of them, but we generally email out a weekly “call sheet” on a Sunday, so people don’t have to turn up until they are needed.
Do you need help with props/costume/backstage/chaperone/front of house?
Definitely! Contact through the Facebook page or email Vicky, so she can include you on invites for these meetings
Do I have to be a member to audition or come to the intro meetings?
No, you can come and audition without being a member. You do need to have a current membership to actually perform on stage, so you will have to complete that if you get a part or become chorus. An adult membership is £30 per year and a child's panto only membership is £5
Do I have to audition to be a part of chorus?
For adult chorus, no—with one proviso. We very much want the adult chorus to be open to all, but we do have a Health and safety limit of how many people can fit on the stage. We just want people to be aware that should we be vastly over subscribed due to everyone being desperate to be involved, we might have to revisit which of our plans is most appropriate to get the maximum amount of people on stage. We have several appropriate for different contingencies.
I’m new to the area, can I just come in and audition for a principal role?
Yes of course. You get taught all you need to know for the auditions at the workshops, and we audition with an open mind!
My teenager is desperate to be in it and is 13 —can they be in it?
With parental permission, yes, and they will still have to fill out a child's performance licence. However, the following applies- if they go into the adult chorus, they are expected to have the same commitment as the adults and the same times and requirements. Normal rehearsal times are Wednesday and Friday 7.30pm-10pm. Chorus are not always needed on a Wednesday, but are generally needed on a Friday, and they will have the same times as all the other adults. As we get closer to the show, times can get longer, and the show falls in the last week of term for most children. Please just consider if they will be able to do a full run of shows and potentially late nights as there is no alternation of nights as there is for the junior chorus. Anyone up to the age of 16 will need chaperones, so we will need some parents to become licenced chaperones as well to cover them.
I can’t do one of the show dates, can I be in it?
Unfortunately not. That’s not fair on the rest of the cast. Of course, illness happens and that can’t be helped but if you know you cannot make crucial show dates then you can’t be onstage—you might want to consider being backstage or helping there instead.
What about kids (Aged 12 and below)?
I’m going to do a separate section about the kids. Watch this space.......!!
If there is something we have missed, either DM through the theatre Facebook page or email the producer Vicky Orman

Introduction evenings: 25th and 27thAugust 2021
Auditions: 3
rd September 2021
Kids auditions: 5
th September 2021

Show dates: 11th — 18th December 2021

Show dates: 25/08/2021 - 27/08/2021