A Murder has been arranged

Written by Emlyn Williams this is a Ghost Story in three acts set on the stage of the St. James'' Theatre, London between the hours of 8.15 and 11.15 on the night of Wednesday 26th November 1930 - Sir Charles Jasper''s birthday. There is a legend concerning a murder once committed at the St. James Theatre - that a dumb woman will appear on stage and reveal the murderer. Sir Charles Jasper, author and eccentric who delves into the mystical, holds a dinner party in the theatre. Tonight he will come into a vast fortune, but should he die before 11pm his nephew Maurice will inherit it. Maurice arrives and engineers his uncles' murder, and then the dumb woman of the legend appears. This unique thriller will have the audience gripping their seats.

Show dates: 14/10/2009 - 17/10/2009

Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Production TeamDirectorGerald Eyers
Production TeamProducerGerald Eyers
Production TeamStage ManagerCatherine Tucker
PrincipalsMiss GrozeDoreen Grant
PrincipalsCavendishRussel Collins
PrincipalsMrs WraggTina Eyers
PrincipalsJimmy NorthMark Wall
PrincipalsBeatrice JasperSharon Upham
PrincipalsMrs ArthurLisa Cope
PrincipalsSir Charles JasperGill Tincknell
PrincipalsA WomanGill Kerton
Production TeamAssistant DirectorEmma James
SetDesign and ConstructionMark Wall
SetDesign and ConstructionCatherine Tucker
SetDesign and ConstructionPete Ross
SetDesign and ConstructionGerald Eyers
CrewLighting and SoundPete Ross
CrewPromptEmma James
PublicityPoster and ProgrammeSarah Kendall
PublicityPoster and ProgrammeElly Milln
PublicityPhotographyArik Casey
PublicityEmma Dance
CrewPropertiesSandra Marshall
CrewPropertiesSuzanne Leather
WardrobeCostume, hair and wigsJenny Hailes
WardrobeCostume, hair and wigsSue Jones
WardrobeMake UpHelen Makin
MusiciansPianoRussel Collins
MusiciansDrumsDavid Collyer
MusiciansBassTim Llewyndahl
OffstageBox Office Co-ordinatorNorman Cowell
OffstageBar Co-ordinatorChris Spray
OffstageFront of HouseMarcel Wills
OffstageFront of HouseJackie Young
OffstageFirst Aid Co-ordinatorChris Spray