Neil Simon’s hilarious farce puts eight party guests through an evening of utter chaos as they scramble to save themselves from scandal. It is the tenth wedding anniversary of Charley and Vivian Brooks, but when their friends turn up at their house expecting a party, they find the hostess missing and the host, a prominent government official, lying upstairs with a bullet wound in his ear lobe. The guests try to conceal from each new arrival (and the police) – what has happened, creating an ever more precarious tower of lies.

Show dates: 23/10/2013 - 26/10/2013


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
AdvertisingPhotographyArik Casey
AdvertisingPoster and ProgrammeSarah Kendall
AdvertisingPublicityKen Edmonds
CastCassie CooperNicky Hann
CastChristine BevansKate Lynch
CastClaire CummingsLisa Cope
CastCookie CusackPauline Perrin
CastDS ConklinJohn Little
CastErnest CusackGerald Eyers
CastGlenn CooperNick Creaser
CastKen BevansKen Edmonds
CastLeonard CummingsMark Wall
CastVivian's VoiceJeanne Clogg
CastWPC CaseyCarol Phillimore
CrewLighting and SoundPete Ross
CrewLighting and SoundBill Hayward
CrewPromptTina Eyers
CrewPropsEmma Longley
CrewPropsSophie Kerton
Production TeamDirectorDoreen Grant
Production TeamProducerMark Wall
Production TeamStage ManagerGeorgia Wall
SetDesignMark Wall
SetPaintersClara Bosque
SetPaintersKate Hathway
SetPaintersNick Creaser
SetPaintersJean Reeson
SetPaintersRoger Reeson
SetPaintersDoreen Grant
SetPaintersDavid Papworth
SetPaintersBenny Williams
WardrobeCostumesMaria E Olteanu-Furze
WardrobeMake-upHelen Makin
WardrobeMake-upJulie Makin