Beauty and the Beast

A Little Theatre Youth Production sponsored by the South West School of Dance and also by the KNW Group.

The classic tale of Beauty and the Beast in all its musical splendour. Bookish Belle, trying to avoid the advances of the handsome but conceited and self-centred Gaston finds her wish to get away ganted...but not how she would like! Her father, having been saved by the hospitality of a mysterious stranger is tricked into promising that his daughter will come and stay at the castle little suspecting that the owner is an enchanted  Beast!
Will the two come to see beyond the surface, with the help of the enchanted castles inhabitants? 

This is a true spectacular, sure to delight the young at heart!
NB: Concessions are NOT available for the Friday and Saturday evening performances.

Show dates: 29/05/2013 - 01/06/2013


Cast and Crew

GroupRoleMember Name
Cast1st Soloist / CompanyPhoebe Lynch
CastBelleJessica Michelmore
CastChipHoney Hann
CastCogsworthFlorence Nicholson-Lailey
CastCompanyOliver Mahoney
CastCompanyEmily Mahoney
CastCompanySam Watson
CastCompanyOlivia Kerton
CastCompanyJessica Hughes
CastCompanyRhianna Milligan
CastCompanyBethany Milligan
CastCompanyRuby Milligan
CastCompanyRosie Boulton-Roberts
CastCompanyHenry Boulton Roberts
CastCompanyMadeleine Allen
CastCompanyPoppy Falzon
CastCompanyHenrietta Falzon
CastCompanyLucy Russell
CastCompanyMegan Hamilton
CastCompanyJemima Thompson
CastCompanyCharlotte Wisniewski
CastCompanyPhoebe Carroll
CastCompanyCharlotte Clissold
CastCompanyAmy Cleverley
CastCompanyOliver Cleverley
CastCompanyMia Hann
CastCompanyDeanna Symes
CastCompanyGina Symes
CastCompanyMabel Maisey
CastCompanyMatilda Maisey
CastCompanyChloe D'Ovidio
CastCompanyMolly D'Ovidio
CastCompanyJack Boddy
CastCompanyNatasha Hodge
CastCompanyTilly Davis
CastGastonMason Brook
CastLe FouToby Wall
CastLumiereMax Nicholson-Lailey
CastMonsieur D'Arque / CompanyBen Lynch
CastMrs PottsGeorgia Wall
CastSilly Girl 1Libby Mewes
CastSilly Girl 2Lucy Hobman
CastSilly Girl 3Isabel Shellard
CastWardrobeChloe Grant
ChoreographySarah Neale
ChoroegraphyHarriet Durston
CrewLightingAdam Killey
CrewPromptDoreen Grant
CrewStage CrewRoger Reeson
CrewStage CrewAngelo Giannetti
CrewStage CrewFrank Bonetti
CrewStage CrewCharlie Watkins
CrewStage CrewStephen Baxter
CrewStage CrewMike Scammell
Production TeamAssistant DirectorDoreen Grant
Production TeamDirectorSarah Neale
Production TeamMusical DirectorSheila Ross
Production TeamProducerNicky Hann
Production TeamStage ManagerGraham Brown
PublicityProgrammeSarah Kendall
SetDesignCatherine Tucker
WardrobeCostumesoonagh michelmore
WardrobeMake UpDaisy Nicholson-Layley